True Performance

At Maizex Seeds their focus is on providing top performing genetics matched where needed with the best trait and treatment technologies to help you increase your yield and profit potential. Our team has a deep understanding of their products and knows how to best position them on your farm.


IP Soybean Expertise

Ceresco’s mission is to provide quality soybeans and unparalleled customer service in the global market while respecting their customers, employees, partners, and community.


A Brand With A Legacy And A Future

NK is committed to developing the brand through innovation while drawing upon proprietary genetics to breed and produce soybean varieties and corn hybrids that offer farmers with excellent options both now and in the future.


Unlock The Energy In Your Ration

Enogen corn contains a novel trait that improves starch digestibility in ruminants. Though it has been available south of the border for several years, it has just recently become available in Canada. With strong agronomic characteristics, these varieties fit well into livestock operations!







Custom Seed Cleaning & Treating

The Farm Supply Group is equipped with a commercial seed treater and a high-capacity air-screen grain cleaner. We are set up to process bulk soybean and wheat seed. Our packaging options include bulk delivered in a tender, q-bits, or totes.

Crop Protection

The Farm Supply Group has an Agrichemical Warehouse. We provide a comprehensive crop protection program to ensure sustainability. Our team has a depth of knowledge and is excited to bring the right product and service to your operation.

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