Shawn Young

Shawn Young

Shawn purchased the family farm in 1991 and started raising Blonde Cattle and then moved on to the Angus breed. He and his wife Gail no longer have any cattle but in the last decade have built a commercial sheep flock to over 300. They have also done an expansion with a new barn to continue to grow the flock.

Shawn has now been with the farm supply for 17 years. His main focus now is Crop and Beef. He has been blessed to be able to work with some of the biggest and best feedlots in this area, as well as some of the top purebred breeders in Ontario.

Crop inputs have grown in the 17 years with CFS. This is due to the great Cash crop farmers he gets to deal with in our area. Bringing great products and passion to the farm is the key to success as well as having the relationship and trust with his customers.


Phone: 705-768-2945